The Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

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Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School has a small student to teacher ratio which provides greater opportunity for cadets to participate in and enhance their own learning

Classes are now in session

Success is strived for daily! 
Our cadets are prepared to give their best effort on all sections of the GED!

Automotive and Building Construction

For Automotive and Building Construction courses each day presents a different task, but a specific skill set is taught to cadets in these courses.  For example, cadets are taught the importance of paying attention to detail, time management, and thoroughness to name a few. There is then opportunity to work on vehicles, construct unique jobs and create projects wherein cadets practice the skills essential for the novice builder or mechanic. It is important to note: before students have the opportunity to work in the shop, they must pass a safety course. Over the course of these classes, various cadets are afforded the opportunity to earn an OSHA card and more. 
Mr. Kilgore and Mr. Harley teach the importance of safety in the Automotive and Construction classes. 

Our educators are:


Mrs. Wiggins/Mrs. Zimmerman

Soc. Studies

Ms. Jones/Mrs. Mitchum


Mrs. Leopard and Mr. Wyndham

Literary Arts--

Mr. Eskridge and Mr. Jamison

Vocational Education---

Mr. Harley (Construction), Mr. Kilgore (Automotive), and Mr. Sumter (Digital Media Arts)


Cpt. Hamlin and 1SG Hugee

Physical Education---

Coach Arant

Academic Coach- --

Ms. Halter

Career Counselor---

Mr. Ready

Media Specialist---

Mr. Curry


Scott Gaines

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